Globe Rational Possessions Day remembers feminine innovators, creators and you may advertisers

The 2009 strategy slogan “Feminine and intellectual assets: increasing creativity and you may creativity” shows the fresh outstanding successes of women creators, founders and you will advertisers as well as their sum so you can social and monetary advancement, and the challenges and obstacles they face.

Intellectual possessions rights promote many advantages available on the market and also an effect toward monetary development at all amounts of creativity. Women creators and you can innovators enjoy an important role for the creating our prominent upcoming therefore we need try to slow down the gender pit.

Studies have shown a serious gender pit

The fresh WIPO learn from the global gender gap into the inside, feminine was indeed inside due to the fact creators throughout the development of merely 16.2% out of innovation in which good patent application is registered under the Patent Venture Pact (PCT), or that 96% away from Per cent programs detailed at least one men founder and only one-third from programs listed at least one women founder. In the latest growth rate, gender parity would not be attained up until 2064.

WIPO has therefore managed analysis collection, strategic guidance to help you countries and you will pilot methods with its recently blogged Action plan towards the Character from Rational Possessions in Support Feminine and Girls.

The information and knowledge about European Patent Office (EPO) questionnaire with the ladies’ involvement into the inventive pastime is additionally maybe not promising. Merely 13.2% off European creators listed in patent applications is actually women. Slovenia ranking some above the European average with 17.4%.

Research composed now because of the Eu Intellectual Property Place of work (EUIPO) for the women in the design sector reveals that the european union are better underneath the levels of South Korea, Asia and the Us in terms of the ratio of feminine music artists. Female artists secure an average of thirteen% below their male equivalents and you can have been cited in just 20.9% out of Neighborhood framework apps registered from the EUIPO. Slovenia is also a little to come here, that have the average feminine show off 21.2%.

Brochure “Slovenian female writers and singers and you may copyright and you may related legal rights”

During the Slovenian Rational Possessions Workplace, we’re signing up for the worldwide promotion with various issues. And an on-line lecture to your concepts out-of rational assets, which had been stored for the occasion and you may directed particularly during the women, we plus shown the necessity of rational property coverage to many hundred members at the an event away from Slovenian feminine entrepreneurs.

I shell out bravodate-sovellus tribute so you’re able to motivating feminine because of the posting a brochure to provide sixteen extremely important Slovenian female founders of the nineteenth and you will 20th many years whom worked from the sphere away from books, okay arts, theatre, dancing, journalism, translation and you will practise.

In a period of time which was faster favorable so you’re able to women in the arts rather than the male peers, it bankrupt traps and you may hit advancements, paving the way in which due to their successors. New pamphlet also provides approaches to faqs regarding copyright and you may associated liberties, thus creating brand new rational possessions system. It’s represented with unique portraits developed by a good Slovenian women singer. The publication of brochure is backed by the european union Intellectual Property Office.

You might pick-up a difficult backup during the our reception today, or you are welcome to take a look at Slovenian Feminine Founders and Copyright laws and you will Related Legal rights brochure on the internet.

On event out of Globe Rational Possessions Go out, we wish every woman founders, inventors and you will entrepreneurs of numerous creative and you may creative ideas as well as their effective realisations!

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